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2021-07-31從心披荊斬棘定東瀛:日本產業實習大躍進才高峰Tseng Chiu-kuei 
2021-07-31Combining Haruki Murakami Literature Studies and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)Tseng Chiu-kuei 
2020-07-31全球在地視域下的日本文學生態女性主義論述Tseng Chiu-kuei 
2020-07-31「從心動到行動:實踐東瀛實習攀登知日專才高峰」Tseng Chiu-kuei 
2019-07-31The Literary Feminism in Japanese Literature on the Global Ecological PerspectivesTseng Chiu-kuei 
2018-07-31Ecriture in the Japanese Literature on EcofeminismTseng Chiu-kuei 
2017-10-22遍昭の和歌表現が与えた影響についてー平安末から鎌倉初期を中心にーYamashita Aya 
2017-07-31生態批評論述下的日本文學書寫Tseng Chiu-kuei 
2015-10-31蔡伯毅與日治台灣以及「祖國」中國:《嚶鳴集》的人物敘述Tomita Akira 
2015-07-31Ecriture of the Japanese Literature after 311 Seen from Eco-criticismTseng Chiu-kuei 
2015-03-31(非)二重目的語構文に見られる項の語順と格付与の問題HSU PEI LING 
2014-07-01關於現代日本語中的「傾向」表現-以「がち」「ぽい」「やすい」為中心-Chiang Wen-shun 
2013-08-01The Representation about Wushe Incident in Modern Japanese Literature : A Reseach about 90's WorksLEE WEN JU 
2013-08-01The Study of Alternative Ideas on the Special Area of Education in Japan: Focus on the Conflict and Assimilation with School EducationWang, mei-ling 
2013-08-01The Communication Strategy in a Long-Distance Conversation between Japanese Native Speaker and Advanced Japanese Learner: Focused on the Interaction between SpeakersShih, Hsin-yu 
2013-08-01A Study of Negative Sentences in Modern Japanese: With a Focus on Voice (II)Lin Chin Hwa 
2013-08-01A Study of "Tendency" in Modern Japanese---Focusing on "Gachi", "Poi", and "Yasui"Chiang Wen-shun 
2013-08-01A Research of Japanese Text Structure on Persuasion Expression and Rhetorical Technique Seen from Viewpoint of Persuasion PsychologyOchiai Yuji 
2013-08-01The Development Tendency of the Japanese Literature after the 311 East-Japan Great Earthquake: Between Changing and Eternalizing (II-II)Tseng Chiu-kuei 
2013-07-01關於現代日語之頻率副詞及其周邊副詞的研究(Ⅲ)―與程度副詞之間的關連性―Chiang Wen-shun 
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